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"The healing cannot begin until WE release what hinders us within"


In a recent interview, 

Dr. Tamela L. Ross explains why 

The Healing Corner KC

 is the best support for you:

"I tell my clients that The Healing Corner KC is a place of restoration and they should come ready to be restored.  In addition to marital, family counseling and life coaching sessions, I also offer unique sessions called the "Restoration Sessions." 

In this one-on-one therapy session, my clients are able to release what is/has been hindering them, pour out their hurt, pain, anguish, worries, concerns and empty their burdens...without feeling judged. They leave REfreshed, REvived, REnewed, REcharged, REaligned, RESTORED."  


What Our Clients Are Saying

Counseling can happen anywhere, but Godly counsel happens here! 

Dr. Tamela L. Ross is truly a gift .

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